Thursday, June 15, 2017

THURSDAY Security Update: "By the Grace of God, One of the Folks Here Had a Weapon to Fire Back"

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In a remarkable interview, Rep. Bishop described how many more of those attending the practice would have been shot by the gunman had not a Capitol policeman put himself in the line of fire to shoot back.

Oddly, The Times ignores the fact that the shooter posted stories on a routine basis from outlets that endorsed Hillary Clinton. But The Times likes Clinton and not Bernie, so Sanders must be smeared.

The conventional wisdom out of Washington is that the president is a political neophyte stumbling from one crisis to another. But when it comes to legal battles, Mr. Trump is an experienced combatant.

CNN's news is fake news. CNN's stories are lies. CNN's Fareed Zakaria is an exposed plagiarizer, but beyond all that, CNN anchors are the worst hypocrites on the air.

Washington's blabocracy is endangering our national security.

ISIS has claimed its killers staged the two attacks in Tehran on symbolically powerful targets: the tomb of the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khomeini, and the "parliament" building.

In short, Congress is investigating the wrong thing.

More than anything else, the president offered assurance that the U.S. stands behind its allies. When, during the Obama presidency, President al Sisi noted that "I love America, but America doesn't love me," he meant the U.S. was an unreliable ally that makes promises, but doesn't follow through.

Washington has long ignored Qatar's insidious role, largely due to the sprawling and important military base America operates there.

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Monday's (June 12) White House Daily Briefing Spokesperson Sean Spicer


Confused by fake news? Get the real story here

Sean Spicer briefed reporters and responded to questions on a range of issues. He addressed the alleged tapes of conversations between President Trump and former FBI Director James Comey, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on the president's executive order on immigration and refugees, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions' upcoming testimony on Capitol Hill. At the top of the briefing, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta updated reporters on workforce initiatives and job creation. (CSPAN)

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