Monday, June 12, 2017

Linda Sarsour Claims Sharia Never Imposed on Anyone. Really?

Linda Sarsour Claims Sharia Never Imposed on Anyone. Really?10 countries where sharia law is imposed to refresh Sarsour's memory.Learn More
Qatar vs Saudi Arabia. Confused by the Headlines? Read HereHow to understand the collision course of the axis of evil.Learn More
News Analysis
Hezbollah Terrorists Caught in US Planning AttackOne scouting potential targets in New York including JFK International Airport.Read
News Analysis
Support for Muslim Brotherhood Terror Designation Bill GrowsGet your Congressional representative on board.Read more
News Analysis
Christians Forces Fighting ISIS in Raqqa Ask for US HelpThe media coverage isn't covering it, but a Christian force is also battling the heart of ISIS.Read
You Respond: Human Rights and the War on TerrorWe asked you about UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposal to alter human rights to fight terror. Read
Readers Write
“Let them break every thing , But the faith in our heart wouldn't break.”
“These students who have been indoctrinated with the poison of multiculturalism and tolerance are leading this country toward cultural suicide ...”
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